What are the rules of sololearn for programmer?and what happen if we break rules | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


What are the rules of sololearn for programmer?and what happen if we break rules

8/28/2020 4:33:36 PM


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You can read about it here: https://www.sololearn.com/Content-Creation-Guidelines/


HonFu I don't know if I can even take a computer with me. but there are so many nice people there that i can easily pass the time there.


HonFu That's nice. There I will have a well tempered place to sleep and I get something to eat regularly. All basic needs are thus satisfied.


Have mercy, which rules? Do we have to go to jail?


Sonic I hope that it is not crowded in jail.


Only you, Jan Markus. Police is about to knock at your door. 😉


The rules of sololearn or "Terms of Use" can be found on here https://www.sololearn.com/Terms-of-Use/ It's not mainly for programmers but every one using the app, (I'm sure people can still be a member of sololearn but they're not programmers). some of them goes inline with your country's rule and the maximum thing that has ever happened when you break a rule is getting blocked


Jan Markus [INACTIVE] the best way to ensure that is to get into a maximum security prison I guess or else do something that will get you into solitary confinement.


FYI Saurabh This question itself is break rules in a way. You should've used appropriate tags for the question and more importantly used the most underrated searchbar to get answer to this. Benefits of using searchbar: 1) Get answer quickly 2) saves a lot of time for You, Me, and Mods. 3) saves few kbs of space on servers.


These days, also either wear a mask or practise social distancing when programming in a crowded environment.


Thanks bro


🔫 Rick Grimes sorry I didn't know about those rules and i randomly choose those tags


🔫 Rick Grimes so can you please suggest me which type of tags I should use for that kind of questions


Jan Markus, do they have good wlan though? #priorities


Jan Markus no all time I read those comments by some programmer that you are breaking rule that's why I am asking