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Gapping/space button

Can any one tell me how it works like Html Body (\Titel}page titel{\Titel) }xxxxxx }xxxxx Css} width:77px I don't know how many time we need to give gap or leave space after every line any body explain me please

8/24/2020 3:27:49 PM


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Html and js are space irrivalent. If you have proper herarchy you can write even whole code in one line without space. But genrally we put a line break after each tag start / tag end in html And after each statement in js.


Thanks for 2nd advice btw... i didn’t understand what did you said ...i have 3 well codes Do you mean courses or code bits If you means code bit To be honest i copy paste some ....usually all Begginers do that.... And if you meant by course then i was learning only python few minutes ago i just started html


Yes just now i learned line break Br html Thanks for the advice i am confused that how gappings work


You have 3 well web codes in your code isn't it clear to you that time ?? By the way br tag is used if you wanta link break in output


I think you should learn and practice html first the css and then combine practice of html css. It will be more fruitfull