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Tag of war:

so you want to improve on your challenger statistics? well, Go to war: the war of tags! challenge, or rather, tag someone in HTML : Join the easiest challenges yet!

3/6/2017 6:42:02 AM

<^>washika D<^>

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@Krishna sir and Washika, has your questions been approved for PHP mine is pending for a month.


@Krishna : I too, think I've exhausted the current Html Quizess database : php is my next target as well...


@Ram: pending... I think they'll start approving, when they're about to roll out the php weapon!


wow washika epic badge very good


I want Ruby o_o , But I will join the HTML war for now :D


I completed winning 500 challenges 3 days back and I am bored now. Waiting for PHP! Anyways, HTML challenges are easy as you said.


Now accepting html and Java Challenge's...


congrats ;-)