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Hi I have questions about #back to school What happens if we read more than one lesson a day? In #back to school is written. (Only one lesson on day)

8/21/2020 9:00:36 PM

Donya Khoobani

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No harm, you will only finish your course much early! You can read as much as you can but if you are more concerned about the contest then read only a course module a day straight for 15 days. all the best Donya Khoobani


Thank you so much for your help🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you RKK ✨ Thank you junayeD ✨


anjit pariyar No It's just 15 lesson on 1 language


anjit pariyar I don't sure about it, but I think it mean When you read one lesson a day, that's enough to complete the #back to school


Loffe Knutsson a language has different parts for learning , so if you study just one part it enough to compilt #back to school


Seth Thank you ✨🙏 It means if I study 3 lessons ,I will still be in the competition and only one lesson is important


Sergey Ovdienko Sorry, I don't know your language


Its oky. But the very first lesson is counted as a pick. So, it doesn't matter how many lesson you do but it is important at least one lesson you do to assure your presence on the steak. best of luck for the steak Donya Khoobani Here I start my streak wht abt yours ➡️⬇️⬅️


You only need to complete one lesson a day for 15 consecutive days to unlock the badge and to get a certificate. More frequently asked questions can be found here Good luck!


Donya Khoobani 15 lesson === 15 different programming language ?? We need to complete 15 different languages ?? I am confused , I already finished 9 languages and stated other few one


Sergey Ovdienko Sorry , I don't know answer this question😁


Donya Khoobani hi, can you explain what do it mean by one lesson a day


Donya Khoobani ohh thats Easy then


Please, define “lesson”. I’ve been struggling everyday learning, but my process just randomly counts in “back to school”. (?)


Как открыть испытания?


how to open challenges, atoms have opened and I can no longer find where to open them


Donya Khoobani and ”one part” is? The thing is that I think I know how it works, but after finishing 3 or 4 lessons I still didn’t get a notice that I had finished todays back to school. On my fifth try I succeded.


hmmm... Do you have to wait 24 hours between the lessons? Or just wait for a new day? (GMT 00:00 I suppose?)