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what happens if the if statement didint excist?

3/7/2017 12:18:48 AM


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If the if statement does not exist, it does not run.


No one understands the question, so either this is a joke, or you're saying it wrong. I ran that string assumed to be binary through a translator, and got uj®ÊURõT. No help there.


there would be no second option/choice in absence of "IF" statement. Then only one command will have to be executed though it is positive, negative or null.


It will show u a error


we can use some some other conditions like while, for, switch. switch would be the best option in case if don't have "if". Here is an example: int x=10; if (x==10){ System.out.println("yes"); } else{ System.out.println("no"); } switch(x){ case 10: System.out.println("yes"); break; default: System.out.println("no"); } I hope this is correct !!!





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