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Front-end which one the 1st ?

Hello Ducks. Sup, if you want to learn front-end do you need to begin with HTML or CSS or JS ? Does the hierarchy’s matter ?

8/15/2020 2:47:37 AM

Agt Reda

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Agt Reda the general rule of thumb goes HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS then JavaScript then Angular8 & Bootstrap4 React.js Node.js and usually followed by PHP ( Latest versions: PHP 7.4.8. ) ... With That Being said... learning here is up to you... and some of the tutorials are not available or only bits and pieces.


Agt Reda what I mean by "With That Being said"... Coders take various roads to learning these days... some lean more on developing their JavaScript backgrounds than they do learning declarative languages, Markup or Markdown languages, eg HTML5 HAML XML CSS3 SASS. While some explore Angular8 or Bootstrap4... Some may spend a great deal of time learning CSS3 and or SASS before they ever learn HTML5 or Javascript... as far as "bits and pieces" there are several short / quick reference lessons but not as complete as a full tutorial in a specific language.


@BroFar what do you mean "Being said" and "bits and pieces" what is the sad ? Sololearn ?


I don't think, maybe. "bits and pieces"