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How can I use SVG in html,I want some resources to learn it

8/14/2020 8:14:55 AM


4 Answers

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This resource help you


You don't need to hand code svg images, just as you don't need to hand code bitmap images or 3D models. Just because svg are human readable does not mean that they have to be human generated. Use an svg image editor such as Inkscape There are many text format files that are generated by programs, it's very common on Linux systems, but it isn't necessary to generate them by hand... Rich Text Format .rtf Wavefront Object files .obj Collada 3D models data exchange format .dae Gerber files .gbr Open office XML files .docx etc. Why are people obsessed with generating svg by hand?


Here is a basic lesson how to draw 2D vector graphics in xml ↗️


thank you