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How can I create a home page using HTML?

I know basics of html, please can u tell me how can I create a home page of a website using HTML & CSS? I'm not asking for learning source...... I just wanna know how can I implement this knowledge to create a home page...

8/12/2020 5:45:33 PM

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Keep calm and use Wordpress 😂


Gordon Sure u can delete:::: it's your power.... But how can you say it is not related to technical... If it is not related to technical then what is it related to... History, economics, or Biology. I just completed HTML SoloLearn course and I can't implement it that's why I'm asking here!!! & You say that it is not technical, it is philosophy.


Gordon Ya!!! I finished Html along with CSS 2-3 times on SoloLearn... Okay, and when I do reset progress it takes my whole xp which I gained by completing course and playing Challenges...that's why my XP is -ve


I wouldn't recommend learning Pascal or Python for web development. Pascal is a dying language. The Tiobe index shows that it was rated as #3 in 1995, but in 2020 it's rated at #241. Even COBOL is still in the top 50 languages! Object Pascal/Delphi is rated at #27, one place ahead of COBOL at #28. While Python is a popular language, #3 on the Tiobe index, the w3techs site, which monitors over 10 million web sites, reports Python as being used in 1.4% of servers. Compare that with the top 3 languages: PHP being used in 79.0%, ASP.Net in 9.8%, and Ruby in 3.8%. For client side languages JavaScript is used in 96.6% of websites. Bootstrap and JQuery are not the only JavaScript libraries and frameworks available, though they take the greatest market share. Many sites use multiple libraries. See: It boils down to what area of web development you wish to target. However, to answer your original question, yes you can use html to create a static web page. Adding some css to it can make it more visually appealing but is not mandatory.


Jagdamba Tripathi thanks for your effort 👍😊


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Umar Hussain but how???


Web-programming: First: > HTML □ > CSS □ > JS □ Secondary: > bootstrap □ > jQuery □ Then backend: > PHP or Python □ > SQL □ Then designing: > Beautiful designig □ > Photoshop (image editing) □ But if you don't know any programming language before, first: Become good programmer: > Pascal □ > Solving problems □ > Codeforces competitons □ If you will learn Pascal and compete on Codeforces, than you will learn web-programming much faster.


Begench Berdiev on which platform I can learn them.... I think those are not on SoloLearn


Jason Kennedy from where I can get an HTML editor of


You can visit here you can learn html css in basic to advance level


begin with html lessons on SL


You don't learn Pascal to make web-sites/web-applications/PC applications, you learn Pascal to study programming basics and get best programming skill. Pascal's syntax is very easy, and programmer can learn new algorythms and try them easyly.


HTML, CSS - I can't find good pdf, but I think good alternate


Learning Pascal to study programming is like learning Latin to study English, a duplication of effort.


If you truly want your own homepage in the worldwide Internet,you should try Github Pages, it is free.


Follow our HTML course Begin with the My Blog Project Template in HTML course. This question is not a specific technical question, it is asking for something too trivial. I'm reporting it for deletion.


C++/C Challenger✔️🇮🇳 If so, you must have come across this: My usual advice to user who says they cannot code a webpage is this: You'll need a theme to start a project to practice HTML. The best way would be to begin with something very easy, such as the My Blog Project Template in HTML course. After that, come back to develop it from time to time, when you learn new tricks. I am featuring seven of my favorites : Does the Blog Project cannot satisfy your need?


Like any other static page...😐


If you have the basics, you can start with how you want your homepage to look like... The design... Then do the html, for css you can use bootstrap which comes with js also. You just add a little css to modify what you might want to change. If that's alot of work, just find a template online and customize it or use WordPress