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Needing more details about android development

I'm just wondering if it's possible to download an apk and find out what was used to create that specific app or game on playstore, I need it to tell me if it's made by unity,phonegap,android studio,ect ect, Somtimes I come across somthing and like how it looks but never know what it was made with which is makes no sense because theres so many ways to make an app. thanks

8/10/2020 7:57:52 PM


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Very rarely developers put information about what tools very used to create the app/apk. You will have to decompress and decompile to figure out what was used (in terms of programming languages/technology etc.) to create the app, you are still unlikely to get the information about the actual development tools used.

+1 May this helps.. I bookmarked it But don't know it is work for app test..


Actually there's a way to figure out whether an app is developed with native languages(Java/Kotlin) or using hybrid Tecnology(phonegap/react native). If you use an Android device than just go to Developer Options from Settings and turn on Show Layout bounds. And then launch your app and see the layout highlighted. If there are lots of rectangle highlighted, it's native(must be written in Java/Kotlin). Or there are none it's hybrid, because it's just a webview(phonegap/react native/flutter). However it's not become clear which tools they used, but it's a decent way to differentiate native from other sources.