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Help needed understanding the condition

I am trying to solve a problem. The condition is to write a function that takes a list of dates( a date being yyyy mm dd) and a month and returns how many dates in the list are in the given month. I am not sure if I understand correctly, but from a given list of dates, possibly from different years, to return the dates that are in the given month, which there is the possibility that there could be none. Correctly?

3/4/2017 9:49:24 PM


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Java8 using java.time: You could store a list of LocalDates and use getMonth method which returns an enum, then test it with some statement like if (localDate.getMonth() == Month.APRIL) ...


I mean a date having the form: 2017.03.05


@luka, I have a list of dates (yyyy, mm,dd) and a month. I need to return the number of times the dates from the list are in the given month.


Create a counter variable, loop through the list of dates. While looping increase the counter when you find dates with required month. Return the counter variable as result.


int counter=0; for(date:dates[]){if(date.toString().contains("month"))counter++;} or check ? and * in Your lang.


if(logical conclusion mean true or false true and false not true and not false .... all hypotheses of boolean){ then here action implemented therefore the hypotheses t o f and so on... }


conditions is choices operating if one choice done then the other get of for example if i had choice to go to market include 2 waies if way 1 short do ...go with it else go with other int way1=55; int way2=66; if(way1>way2){ System.out.println("my choice"); }else System.out.println(" not my choice use other")


int getCount(array a, query q){ int count=0; for each q{ if (a.contains(q)) count+1; } return count; } in Your case a.contains will be named i.e. 'getMonth()' Guys, these are essential logic operations - i see no danger for me as a hypothetic concurrent idea's author , facing others problems on such a trivial level. So stand questioned problems are significant for those who are lazy or wrong-way-turned. My advice - look for other ways to earn money becouse You will just spoil and litter the market...