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How to include 3rd party modules in node.js code

Is there a way to include 3rd party modules that aren't built in to the new node js playground codes? These modules would typically be installed via npm, something like express or

8/6/2020 12:23:23 PM

Mike Perkowski

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use npm when outside sololearn. for inside sololearn playground, maybe it is possible (through some dirty way), i ll look into it and edit my answer later. ... edit: ok so I tried this and it doesnt work (time out) seems it takes too much time to install anything.


Good question... I have I actually wondered the same thing.


Hmm... BroFar ChillPill Oma Falk Maybe u could help Mike Perkowski ?


I could only managed to check for version of node and npm. I tried to installed git so that i can git clone repo later, but i get timeout with 'npm i git' command


Managed to run npm init -y