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Why are there so many repeating questions?

Nearly every day i see questions about: 1. What shoud be my first programming language? Please tell us what you want to create and for what platform. 2. Explain me div span or any other html element. Google or any other search engine is your friend. Also the search in sololearn will give you the answer. As those questions are allready answeres many times. 3. Can i earn money with programming? Yes you can. 4. people asking for solutions to a task they have. Please show us your attempt or explain where you are stuck. But we are not here to do your homework. 5. people asking what language they should use for making games. Please tell us what genre, 2D or 3D and what platform it should be for. 6. people asking how to learn language "x". You can start by doing the sololearn course. Also you can watch tutorials on youtube and google. 7. is sololearn good for ... old? Yes. If you can read you can learn. I will add more here over time. Please all of you. What is a good answer we can give them all once and for all?

8/6/2020 7:22:01 AM


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You forget that 20% of the questions can be translated into "Please spoon feed me the answer because I am incapable of independent research despite having access to the internet." A further 10% asking why the image on their phone does not appear in their web page on SoloLearn! Less common due to lockdown and the school holidays - "Write a program..." which means "Do my homework/assignment for me".


Dragonxiv It's not new here.It has been going on since the past.I think the main reason is getting upvotes or earning some badges as you said https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1085354/?ref=app


The best answer is saying them to use the search bar :) Also duplicate threads are constantly being removed by the mods.


Am just going to leave this here and just remind ya'll that this is technically an off-topic thread 😜 https://www.sololearn.com/post/146530/?ref=app


Dragonxiv, I hope the irony will not be lost on you. πŸ˜‰ (And yeah, it's... still... bad.) https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/310373/?ref=app


Because people don't know the rules of sololearn .They don't see the sololearn forum and ask duplicate question again and again. https://www.sololearn.com/post/52212/?ref=app


This is relevant. It is about how people are going to learn programming. Not everyone wants to hear it. But you have to be able to find solutions for yourself. Then after you have tried it its okay to ask for help. But many questions that are flooding the discussions are easy to find a solution for if those people would have tried searching fir it for just a minute. Instead they fill up the discussions.


shubham kumar, wouldn't it be just wonderful, though, if people undergoing a learning phase... USE THE SEARCH BAR? Every online place has one. This should be even more obvious than asking a question, shouldn't it?


Simba we know that there is a FAQ but it cannot prevent people for making duplicate question because most of the people don't read the FAQ , like the sololearn forum.


Samsil Arefeen added it thanks. I think one problem could be that there is a badge to be earned for many questions. So users are creating artificial questions to earn the badge.


Dragonxiv add this also: 1.How can I verify my account? 2.Which is the best compiler for ... language? 3.How to become a hacker? 4.Any resource's for ... language?


I think every people whoever is learning thinks that his question is new and therefore he or she asks that question but the reality is that whoever is undergoing learning phase arise through same type of question due to neuronal mapping.


I don't know the answer of your question. But i know one thing, that most of the people have google. I think google will definitely help them may be little may be as they want.


I would like a rules tutorial. Only after you passed it, you can post.


XXX, I like your feature idea. As it is, we sort of have to improvise something like that, using the Safety Thread. Having that obligatory tutorial would ensure that no one can claim not having read and agreed to the rules.


SoloLearn-related questions are qualified to stay at Q&A, unless it doesn't have meaningful answers yet and is a duplicate with three or more previous threads giving useful answers. Friendly advice need to be given to offenders of Q&A rules. For using search bar, Tasni has a graphic one: Search bar is here: https://www.sololearn.com/post/10362/?ref=app (Tips: Remember to switch filter option to "Most Popular" first, try also switching to trending once a while. Sometimes the popular filter doesn't show relevant results.) Replies Template makes giving advice faster : https://code.sololearn.com/WZTSO0gCj2Tq/?ref=app For suggestions of having to learn how to use search bar before being allowed to use Q&A, it's a good suggestion. For suggestions, we email SoloLearn at [email protected]


People who are posting same questions have a problem that they use the search engine but they type in many different ways like if anyone is not able to understand the topic of div & span (like me 😊) , they search like:----- 1. What is div 2. What is division 3. What is division and span 4. Define division and span 5. Define div & span 6. Please define div and span 7. Can you define div and span tags 8. I am stuck ..... Please help.What is division and span tags 9. I don't know div and span tags 10. Please help me.I am a pure noob. What is div and span tags Etc. Hope you understood their problem. Another problem is that people don't add approximate tags (Just like me😒) <!-- I don't think I also have to give examples of this-->


I think it's should be mendate to search a question before asking a question. It will solve this problem of repeated questions


Yeah. One problem there is that the experienced programmers which this platform needs are driven away from using it.


There are also irrelevant(I mean spam or people doesn't gave any question) question which does make me boring to answer in Q&A Discussions