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Back end? Front end?

What is the difference between backend and front end?

8/5/2020 12:03:34 PM

April Grethil Laparan

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The frontend comprises of the user interface, controls and every part of the application presented to the user. The backend is the part of the application that is only accessible by the admin.


The term “front-end” refers to the user interface, while “back-end” means the server, application and database that work behind the scenes to deliver information to the user. Visit,deliver%2520information%2520to%2520the%2520user.&ved=2ahUKEwit7rbll4TrAhUczzgGHXajCsYQFjABegQIDBAG&usg=AOvVaw2VuSNnCp49wTiawgWDhh1c Hope this helps


The front end are called “client-side” programming, is what happens in the browser. It's everything the user sees and interacts with. The back end are called “server-side” programming, happens on the server and the database.