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Is CPython the one which we should be learning. and the language which Jupyter supports is CPython only? I am scared as it has a blend of C langauge, but look wise it is English only. So should i go ahead with CPython and is this the interpreted langauge which every other course also teaches?? Please suggest

8/5/2020 12:25:37 AM

prantik ghosh

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Most people should learn Python. The Python language is hugely popular. CPython appears to be a tool for the Python language. It could actually be the tools you install when you install the Python interpreter although I don't see cpython mentioned in the readme or license files for my Python 2.7 install. CPython doesn't appear to be a separate programming language. More details on CPython are at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CPython If you're using Python with Jupyter, I would study the Python language and experiment with what I was learning in Jupyter as I study. This way you learn what features from the Python tutorial really works for your environment. Python 3 and later has a lot more features than Python 2.7.