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What does void mean

I'm beginner!!


8/4/2020 7:21:46 PM

Lamiso Debiso

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It means that the function returns nothing back to calling statement.. Tag the language name pls.. instead of a ,void is better in tags.


A beginner who has completed the C++ and Python course. Anyways, void is a placeholder for "No Data/Type" 1. specify return type for function that do not return values 2. Can't declare data of type void 3. Can declare a pointer to void i.e void*, somefimes also called opaque type 4. pointer to void must be type casted to proper type before dereferencing it. Directly dereferencing void* will result in compiler error 5. void* provides a polymorphic behavior in C to certain extent 6. There are few more non-common uses of void which i don't remember now.


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I think you mean in C++ It means the function return nothing