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Best IDE

To all What is the best free IDE for coding in all languages ?


8/3/2020 3:34:19 PM

Rexford Owusu Ansah

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@Rexford Owusu Ansah Best is a subjective term. For some it means fast and light, for others it means feature rich. If you are new to programming then a good text editor may be preferable. Some of the more advanced text editors offer features and capabilities similar to Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). What you don't need is a powerful and complex IDE that you spend more time learning to use than you spend programming. It also matters what hardware you have. Some of the more advanced editors and IDEs require a lot of resources. See: Notepad++ is a popular Windows editor of choice for novices, it isn't overly complicated and requires few system resources. It also has a large following which means lots of help is available. Being an editor, not an IDE, means that you need to install your compilers and other tools, as well as configure everything yourself.



Visual Studio Code 🖥


@Martin Taylor What of best free ide for python,html,java,css,and c++


Might be useful:


No such IDE exists.