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Initials Code Coach Problem

I was solving the Initials problem and then while outputing I saw that there is an unexpected space at the begining but my output is all Ok....I am facing problem with that space..... What to do Here is the code:

8/2/2020 11:57:24 AM


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You string array taking n+1 size..? Why? If it is 4 inputs then 0 to 3 enough, including 4 making extra output spaces..

+3 Here is the output


codemonkey Actually For making the n+1 the error occured and that extra space was for that......actually I tried with just n sized then I seen one initial is not appearing.... Then I added n+1 but that was a compiler mistake..... Cause now I tried with n and it worked perfect!


codemonkey why bro please expalin.


codemonkey How there is a new line I haven't added it..... How this new line appered??


codemonkey Now you say whats the problem in this output??



Ajoutez: getchar ()