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Is react.js the same as Native react?

If not,what are the advantages of one over the other

8/1/2020 12:35:30 AM


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They are two different things. At latest version of ReactNative, RN can do what React can do ; but React can't do what RN can do.


React JS is a whole library, you can build web apps using it, react native, as far as i know, is used in mobile app development.


As maf already mentioned.. react Native is a library used in mobile app development.. It has it's own JSX components which replicates native properties.. such as Text, View, TextInput and much more.. React Native can use native components and api of the android / iOS platform.. such as Camera, Video, Maps, Accelerometer, etc... React Native also has a package known as react-native-web, which maps the react native components to react js web components.. such as View to Div, TextInput to Input , Image to img and more.... So that you can use single code for both web and app