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I felt somewhat difficulty in learning react....I'm so confused..suggest me a better way to avoid the confusion...

7/30/2020 12:17:45 PM

Mustafha Ahmad

7 Answers

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The Net Ninja React Tutorial Complete React Tutorial with Redux React Context and Hooks Tutorial


Mustafha Ahmad ik, i asked that myself, im currently making a recipes website and ik it would have been easier for me to make it with javascript, but as im making it with react, its getting really organized, every section is a different component. It is 99% impossible to make whole facebook with every functionality and 0 bugs using vanilla javascript coz there are literally a 10000 things working at the same time.


Mustafha Ahmad To learn react well, at least not confusingly, there is prerequisite you need to know, you should be knowing well about es6 codes, especially on arrow function, destructuring object, spread, rest operators, array methods like map, filter and reduce. If you do not understand what the above-mentioned, you are not ready to learn react, because react uses a lot of these es6 on state management.


Which parts confuse you? Ask questions from Q&A, we can clear your confusion.


Mustafha Ahmad bruh trust me, happened the same with me. The Net Ninja solved it completely, watch the tutorials that Gordon told.


Thank you all... maf But what's the use of learning it though javascript is there..


Try some mini projects using JavaScript first