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What type of colour code is this?

In my Javascript library, it won't let me use hex-codes, rgb or colour names. I have to use 0xaa0000. This comes out as red (got the code from Reddit). Google says this is a hex code, I thought hex codes start with #. What is this? What format? Is there a color converter that supports this format?

7/29/2020 2:59:50 PM

Clueless Coder

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Clueless Coder that is just prefixed with an 0x instead of #. the RGB code is AA 00 00. in html you can write it #aa0000.


Calviղ Thanks.


MR CRIS Wow, you went lower! Congrats! First you steal codes and pass it off as your own, now you advertise on my question!


Hex code in C or Java language


Calviղ I've done some looking about, there appears to be little converters. Do you know any Java hex converters?


Kode Krasher Thanks, that helps a ton. Weird how a Javascript library only supports C color syntax


I wish I could remember who it was, but someone here on SoloLearn has put a code displayer. Actually I think there are a couple. Enter the code and it displays the colour. Now I remember there was another, it had red, green and blue sliders to perform the same thing. Search the code projects, your bound to find one.


Clueless Coder Every number has a base and the prefix has the info about it so the computer can understand and interpret the number correctly. See this link:https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2670639/why-are-hexadecimal-numbers-prefixed-with-0x Prefix - Base - Name 0b - 2 - Binary 0o/0 - 8 - Octal 0x - 16 - Hexadecimal Usually decimal numbers don't need to have a prefix. Ex. ----- let d = 8; //Treats as a decimal number let x = f; //Throws a ReferenceError in js as it treats f as a variable identifier let xe = 0xf;//treats it as a number and its value is 15 ---- See this code : https://code.sololearn.com/WZIV90PpPOBK/?ref=app