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Question about dictionaries

pairs = {1: "apple", "orange": [2, 3, 4], True: False, None: "True", } print(pairs) I'm a beginner. Could somebody explain to me why does this code print 1: False instead of 1: "apple" and doesn't print True: False.

7/29/2020 10:26:49 AM


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The key 'True' will be converted internally to '1'. Then there you have two key-value-pairs with a key of '1'. If you print the whole dictionary then you will only see the latest key-value-pair with the key '1' and that is in your case the one which is assigned to the value 'False'.


Sava True is the same as 1 and 0 is the same as False. Now, since you can't have keys of the same variable name (or value in this case) in a dictionary, the first key is chosen. Hope this helps 😃😃


When selecting a value from a dictionary or a list or an array for example, python uses zero-based indexing.this means that it starts counting at zero and not one as you may have the first value on the dictionary is on index 0


Thank you But I still don't understand why does the algorithm then print 1:false before orange


Thank you


Myself and Jan Markus already explained this. The most recent 1 will be outputted Eg. Let's add another True pairs = {1: "apple", "orange": [2, 3, 4], True: False, None: "True", True: 'programmer' } print(pairs) Output: 1: programmer,...


I'm going to complicate things for you... my Python knowledge is a little out of date and I've just read that since 3.7, dictionary ordering can be guaranteed on insertion order. That means one of 2 things, either: 1) You are using an older version of Python Or 2) The behaviour is as such that the first key (1) remains in position 0 as it was inserted first and then the value is over-written when the subsequent pairs are added.


Dictionaries are not ordered so they will not necessarily output in the order they are written.


The latest question was regarding order of output, not key uniqueness.


Yes I understood that but did not get why is it printed first instead of orange:[2,3,4] .