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First question from React Course

"React was developed by: - Apple - Facebook - Microsoft - Google" There should be an answer like "N/A", as React was originally developed by Instagram (before Facebook buy them), but then improved and released to the public by Facebook.

7/26/2020 9:07:38 PM

Aaron Stiebler Carneiro da Silva

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IzeBurg part of the community guidelines states that "Posts may also focus on improving aspects of the platform " So the original question is valid in this section.


@IzeBurg, so add access to the feed for browser users.


I'm saying that I'm using the browser and can't see any feed or personal place to post things.


You can send email to [email protected] for suggestions


Rearrange the code to render the Comment component on the page. Answer: const el = <Comment text="hey" />; ReactDOM.render( el, document.getElementById('root') );


Fill in the blanks to create a valid component that iterates through the received props array and returns <p> elements for each item. Answer: function MyList(props) { const arr =; const listItems = ((val) => <p>{val}</p> ); return <div>{listItems}</div>; }