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http protocol useful for what purpose????

7/22/2020 8:21:15 AM


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Http protocol is used so that Brower is capable to generate hyper text links on. A single page. Video, images, and other files


It's just the beginning part of every website! If it's only http then the website is not very safe It it's https then the website is safe to use


HTTP is a generic and stateless protocol which can be used for other purposes as well using extensions of its request methods, error codes, and headers. Basically, HTTP is a TCP/IP based communication protocol, that is used to deliver data (HTML files, image files, query results, etc.) on the World Wide Web.


Basically almoat everything on web are transported using http (https)


a protocol through which the web application server communicates with database to retrieve query related to search keyword typed in search engine by the user.