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Network = Darknet

How to secure my API in usual network, so it’s work as darknet?

7/20/2020 12:45:51 PM

Artashes Stepanian

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Darknet is not a separate network. The correct hierarchy is this: Hidden web < dark web < internet ("white") Hidden web contains e.g. all protected VPN within the web, all password (or otherwise) protected areas. This might be a solution you could use, depending on the consumer of your service. Dark web is not hidden, it's just not "searchable" on the common ways (by search engines). Simply done by setting the appropriate meta data. Bit more advanced if you additionally hide the files better. Internet: "googleable". But if you have a real API, then there are normally completely different approaches to "hide" it. I think you either want to allow only specific clients (e.g. an app) or you want to allow specific sites (customers, who are allowed to consume). First thing would be done with an internal identification of the clients (like a password protection). This is, what normally is hacked sooner or later, if you're service is of interest, so you'll always have to update it from time to time...


... Like changing the password. Second thing is done by configuration of your web server, actually the firewall: just allow the (hard coded in config) IPs / domain names / however you want to identify to access.


well I think I understand now more , thank you .