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Write a program which performs the following function accepts an argument of type struct book for initializing the members and returns an argument of type struct book. In the main function, call the above function to initialize an array of structures. Display the array of structures. for the structure format given below struct player { char name[20]; float price; int pages; char author[30]; };

7/15/2020 6:09:44 AM

Annapoorna Nyamagoudra

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Please do not command anyone.


We are not here for doing your assignments. Do it yourself. If you have any problem show your attempts and we will help youπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Start the C course you are engaged in you will know your answers. Never write "answer fast" or "urgent" it has an opposite effect !


It's not a Q&A for your exams,do not misuse this thread


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