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Java vs python πŸ˜… which is good to start?

7/14/2020 5:52:03 PM


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Choose any language It could be Java or python But the fact is Java has been used too much but now many companies want python programmers Choose any if you get bored make that language your passion and you will observe difference. Next time you will never get bored. I will recommend you python which is there best for artificial intelligence as the world is moving towards it. But for developing mobile applications you could use Java and it is best for it. Shweta


Beginning with Java might demotivate you from learning coding. My suggestion is, begin with Python and gain some mileage and confidence, then go for Java if the need arises (depending on your career preferences).


i think python is better .because the coding is very intresting -you never feel bored while doing python ..while compared to java .later your wish. but never forget to reply me what you have started finally πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚


Python is easier, Java is more flexible. I prefer java


I like Python more, it is used absolutely everywhere, it is very nice syntax, but you can learn Java if you want, but it is mainly for mobile applications, and in Python you can either make regular sites, games or artificial intelligence


I recommend Java because if you learn well, it will be easier for you python, because it is easier


Jacob Mashonganyika , not sure on that one. But I think Sololearners have the liberty to discuss privately via the messaging system.


I think python is better then java because it is easy to use and easy to learn





Java is my preference


Python is more fun & It's never let you bore for a while. Java is quite dissapointment to whom who started to learn programming recently.


Python for a noob.


Java is way more difficult compare to python. Python was built with mind for beginners. Where java isn't. Java is harder than python. If you choose java as your first language you might have chance to demotivate your self and go away from coding. My advice is start with an easy solution like python.


Python is good for a start-ups.It a very popular programming language these days. Later you can switch to learn Java.


If you were a beginner then it is good to start with Python. Because it is simple programming language and very easy to study when compared with Java. And Python is one of the top ten programming languages. So I think you can start your programming career with Python.



Python rocks


Don't start this war bro! Don't start. They all have their specific strengths depending on the project to be done!