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Reset courses question.

Everybody talks about the XP and the challenges, but could someone tell me what would happen to the comments that I made and the certificates? From what I read if you do it the certificates will be lost, idk about the comments but I want to ask about both things.

7/13/2020 8:53:44 PM


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On reset a course, all xp which you have got on completion course and challenges xp on that perticular course will lost and reset. Comments are will not binded to course so that is another section, it will not last (i didn't checked but I guess..). Certificates is last portion in lessons. It will open only when all lessons unlocked and completed state. So you cannot open until you complete again.. (it can saved before reset but what it's use).


Thank you Jayakrishna. 👍🏻


Ángel you're welcome.


You reset your course. XP is saved for have no accidents resetting courses, so no reset your course for your XP farm