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If in vs code simultaneous editing? 🤔

In sublime text, if you hold down ctrl + html tags for example (<li>), you can simultaneously add classes to all of them. Is there such an option in Visual Studio Code? I use the Emmet plugin, but sometimes I have to add classes to existing tags and it takes a lot of time.

7/13/2020 8:25:30 AM


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You can use multi cursor in vscode. Select the tag then press ctrl + D bunch of times. Then you can edit multiple tags.


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If you select the li tag and press ctrl + D then the next ki tag will also be selected and a new cursor will be added. If you keep repeating then next li tag will be selected and so on..


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you have 2 options to do that: 1. using ctr+d. This one looks like a manual selection, you need to press it many times until you get your desire number of tags then you can start editing them. 2. using ctr+shift+L. This one is super fast if you want to select all the same tags at once.