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Recommendations for future updates

Hi everyone! Is there a possibility that in future updates SoloLearn will allow you to enter values ​​as a user each time it is required? and not enter all the values ​​in a reading? Have a good day!

7/6/2020 6:11:03 PM


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Do not ask open ended questions Better to email them or post it in your activity feed


Yes, I also want this feature in sololearn. However, we can suggest them to [email protected]


As I understand that feature is not there because it is not cost effective. It will require to maintain a constant connection between the server and the device. And a user can take a long time for providing the input, thereby effectively reducing the server capacity to serve the maximum number of connections at a time. Almost all online compilers works the same way. The only exception i know of is There may be few more but i don't know about them.