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How can i prove my skills on python?

Hey everyone hope everybody is doing good and fine I m beginner i just started learning python and i have problems practicing my skills i need some help please

7/6/2020 9:36:50 AM

Islem Islam

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I would start over at the beginning of the lessons and work your way through them slowly. Take your time. Practice writing your own codes for every new concept. If anything doesn't make sense, see if you can find help in the lesson comments. Use Google a lot. It helps to see each new concept from several different viewpoints, so I suggest looking them up in a few tutorials, for example, for Python, It's a slower process but it's worth it because the knowledge you get will stick. If you're still stuck, ask for help. The folks here love to help 😊 Good luck!


Do practice:-)


Only one thing you need to do ; Practice :) In the form of written works and programs and any doubt you should yourself go through the course once .


Best way to improve coding skills is just practice writing different programs in it regularly.


Thanks i also have that problem.. I have gone through the courses but i dont know where to start to improve my skills😖


Be practically, keep learning & practice.


Love Python more


Start getting or in depth study of regular expressions


What we can is just to do more and more prectice and rest you have to do it for yourself


Yeah as everyone else said you just need to practice. After you learn something new, think of a problem or something and try to implement a code that solves it

0 this site have 1000+ python challenges ranging from easy to hard. you can practice and improve here!


I think taking specialization courses in Coursera based on python can help in this case. The instructor Dr Chuck has illustrated each topic so vigorously. So, you can sign up there. I have enrolled and completed 2 courses. It felt so confident after completion, as well it gives u a certificate too.


Try to code little programs such as calculators, randomizers, etc. or make those "meme posts" into programs, I mean those facebook posts like "What would your japanese name be?" or "What would be your age in months?". I've just began learning and this is giving me quite a lot of confidence and making me learn from looking for complimentary info for the codes.


Yup, me too mate, still trying here. I find some simple code, and trying to understand and rewrite it on my own. And take a peek at the lesson, which is re-lessons again.