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How to get certificate on html course?

Having a great problem to get certificate, always Show an error to get certificate, plz Help me, if you know how to get that!!!!

7/5/2020 5:43:54 PM


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Bro u havnt completed ur course yet see ur profile plzz 🙃 after completion of course u will get ur certificate 😊


Mention not bro itz pleasure 😊😊


😂😂 sis sololearn certificate is not for any purpose


Complete the full HTML course..... Then at last u will receive the certificate....


Yes...frst u complete thn u will get ur certificate......😌


Ok thanks all!!🇧🇩


learn html qnd complete the html course and get html certificate


I've unlock all the level but still having the problem But thanks!!


You have to complete the HTML course, before a certificate can be generated for you..


Complete the course


Complete lessons you will get certificates