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Is it best to learn web

Designing from youtube videos or do i need take a practical course at a academy

7/5/2020 1:55:55 AM


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sid always try to learn as much as possible from free resources first. Then if/whenyou are reaching the limits, you know better what specialised skill you need to acquire and what course is best for you Only then you can look for a course specific to what you need, with the knowledge you are not paying for something you could have for free.


There's worth of learning web development because through web development you can make attractive website and many other things. Have a look at these- • • •


sid I think you can learn fullstack from YouTube alone. There are some great channels on YouTube like FreeCodeCamp - Florin Pop - But if you learn it from an academy you might get a certificate and it would look more professional (..!?) I guess.


ifl Zoya Nilesh Hanuma Ukkadapu thanks for the answers.highy appreciated!