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Should I continue studying JS or other programming language, if back in school I have had C-D in Maths? I mean I have no problems with HTML/CSS, but JS is tough for me. Will my poor knowledge of mathematics interfere with my work?

7/4/2020 10:18:40 AM


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If you go on learning JavaScript you're math knowledge would definitely increase. Try out basic beginner projects. Get used to JS I mean any code you write should be JavaScript. That way you'll get used to JavaScript. And also get used to the math in JavaScript. With constant thinking and write code in JavaScript your math skills would increase.


Learning HTML and CSS is a kind of rote learning in my opinion, you've to be good in learning syntax, tags and applying them when needed, whereas to learn and work with programming languages like JS, you must be good in your logical skills, reasoning and problem solving. Thank you


Thanks, I was a bit shoked and confused with that quantity of Maths in JS course on this app.