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Py to android

Python to android Suppose i made a python program (not GUI). It basically takes input from user and plots points in cartesian plane(Using math and matplotlib). I made it in my pc and i want it work on my friend's mobile (android). Is there any way to do it without learning any android framework or any sort of thing similar to it. Any 3rd party app. Its not necessary to be apk I just want it to run on android, so that one can use it.


7/3/2020 10:48:47 PM


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Hamm Shay you need to learn kivy for this because it is not necessary that everyone is expert in programing.


Maybe you can install Pydroid on the android device. It requires about 200MB of memory to be installed. Also QPython might be good and it might require less memory than Pydroid, but I'm not familiar with QPython so I can't say if it's better to download that instead.


Shay Seb TheS has said 200 mb of memory not your internet data 200 mb in an Android storage is not a big deal. Currently Pydroid3 has taken 329 mb of storage in my phone In Android, Pydroid3 is the best app for Pythonists


I know that but i cannot ask my friend to spend 200mb just for my sake... Now it seems I need to learn kivy... Thanks a lot for ur time😃


Its like console and it will run program only if my friend has it too


F҉R҉O҉N҉T҉ 🔚& 🔙🔚/ 𝔸𝕣𝕕𝕦𝕚𝕟𝕠 Lover you got my point Thank you