Fix my node.js error i dont fix this please help 🙏🏿 | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Fix my node.js error i dont fix this please help 🙏🏿

start: say "Hello" goto name name: say Typing(2000) say "I'm Quotabot, what's your name ?" hold remember name = event say "Nice to meet you {{name}} 😎" say Typing(2000) if (!Find ("error", in=event)) say "Perfect, now let me send you a confirmation for the event." goto email email: say Typing(2000) say "what's your email address ?" hold remember email = event say "Correct" if (!Find("@", in=event)) { } goto numbersession numbersession: say Typing(2000) say "How many training sessions per months?" hold remember numbersession = event if (!Find("decimal", in=event)) { say "Good" } goto numberemployees numberemployees: say Typing(2000) say "How many employees?" hold remember numberemployees = event if(!Find("decimal", in=event)) { say"Correct" } goto calculatedprice calculatedprice: say Typing(2000) hold say "I get everything I need! It will cost [THE CALCULATED PRICE]e per month. Do not hesitate to send us an email to

7/3/2020 10:31:35 AM

Asad Raza

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Please specify the language maybe someone that knows it and sees the tag can help

0 this really node.js, why I can't recognize it 😮😮😮


Yes it is😄