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Opinions, Reliability, Recommendations

So, I am wondering how reliable SoloLearn is. It seems like a very good app, and I am enjoying it, but will it make me "fluent" in the computer languages it offers? I am learning Python, and want to master it somehow, so is this the best program to do so, or is it only for basics? What do you guys think and recommend? After I finish SoloLearn, if it only covers the basics, which other courses/online free programs do you know of that you could recommend? Thanks! :)

7/1/2020 9:17:34 PM


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StudyLikeILived SoloLearn courses by themselves are not enough but if you look at what your peers and others are doing / creating then you will see much much more. You will truly never see this app as just a beginner's app. There are users who have been on the app since the beginning and still drop in to try new stuff they've learned and to practice


Sololearn courses teach the basics so if you want to get serious about coding, you should learn more advanced courses from places like w3schools and/or geeksforgeeks. But of course, you can learn much more than just the basics here. :)


StudyLikeILived the key with any new skill is you have to put into practice what you learn. So no matter what course you take or what book you read, be sure to try everything yourself and experiment with the code examples, so you understand what they are doing. You can complete Sololearn courses in hours, but your chances of retaining what you learn will be slim to none if you have never seen the language. Spend time writing code after each section. If you want some supplimental resources, I documented my journey to a MS Certification and found some really good material I mention in this thread: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/2153816 Happy Coding! 👍