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Python applications in business analytics

Is anyone familiar. with python for the purposes of analysis and forecasting? I am new to the language, but logic would dictate that as a high level language it can give ore capabilities than even specialized statistical languages such as R. However, I am lacking a clear picture of how exactly I will be able to use python in my field so as to focus my learning. If anyone can recommend some literature, that would also be great. Thank you!

2/28/2017 7:15:48 AM

Alexander Weinstock

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Tony is right. There are numerous modules for data analysis, data cleaning, parsing and translation of. Many of them include visualization capabilities. You can moderately easily combine the power of Python into R for a really mighty data processing tool. Machine learning and modelling come to my mind as first application.


Yes, python used so widely in this sphere. There are a lot of libraries like pandas, scikit-learn, numpy, matplotlib, etc and they are great. Also many of them have good own docs. For literature you can go to, they have good books.


Thank you both, I'll start digging in that direction. The prospect of combining Python with R seems especially appealing.