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Will it be ever possible to program in human language?

From the day I started learning programming I had one question in mind that is why do we need to learn a separate language for programming why can't I use english, later I came to know that it would be very complicated But know I want to know that will it ever possible for us to program in any human language? And if so what will be the Pros and Cons of it, and can it replace programming languages forever?

6/27/2020 3:38:47 AM

Mouhurtik Ray

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try Shakespeare Programming Language. yes its esoteric, but you can write everything in english (shakespeare english of course)


Hey Mouhurtik Ray I Like Your Question And If You’re Thinking Like This Then For Sure You’re On Your Right Path And Yea One More Thing What Computer Is ? It Is Nothing But Just A Box With No Brain Right ? We Give Commands To Our Computer With The Help Of These Programming Languages Which Our Compiler Will Translate To Binary Codes. This Is Because Our System Is Only Able To Understand Binary Codes Or Binary Language.