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What does pipenv install django==3.0 or pipenv install django==3.1 mean?

I am new to Django. I know the basics of python. I have been reading this book django for beginners. There has been explicit use of pipenv with little explanation. I get it, it creates virtual environment, and which I didn't understand either or its importance. I don't even know what if we don't create a virtual enviorment for django setup, or how will it be achieved anyway! I am very confused. I just get a feeling of I understand this pipenv install django==3.0 or pipenv install django mean? Because the author used them respectively for creating a "page", which he called app, and "helloworld", which he made by startproject. please, give me a short idea on this. I feel I can understand if directed. I didn't get an answer online. That shit is confusing out there.

6/26/2020 9:49:52 AM

Prashant Pant

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pip is a package manager for Python. To use an external package, you need to install it first. Django is an external package. Before, we used venv (Virtual Environment). It is basically so that the django code you installed does not affect other directories. To make it standalone. pipenv is more of a combination of pip and venv. It automatically create a virtual environment for you and also install django into the environment. pipenv install django==3.0 means you want o install specifically version 3.0 of django into your directory,


Actually, env is used for creating a virtual environment in python when you working in django. To install Django just run this and install the latest version of django. pip install django