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Student report card comment generator

As a teacher, I want to be able to group students into achievement categories for each subject (eg. Excellent, average, poor) and then produce a generic comment for each achievement level (and subject). For example I want to produce output such as "Harry has produced excellent work in Science" and then "James has produced excellent work in Science" and so on looping through all the names in the list called excellent. It would then loop through all the names in the average category and then poor until I had a similar comment for every student in Science but with their achievement level individualised. I would copy and paste the output into other documents eg MS word or Google docs

6/23/2020 8:48:37 AM

Nathan Edwards

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Have you attempted a code draft yet? People here are eager to help, but you need to show a bit of effort from your side also. So sketch a code, save it in SoloLearn and attach its link within your thread Description. It really doesn't matter if the code doesn't work or not working as expected, the community just wanted to see an effort given. Follow this guide to sharing your saved code link in the forum 👇


In order to get any help from the community, you are suppose to share your attempt. We do not provide complete solutions and only help the ones who can show us that they have tried something.


I would need to create the lists first categorzing student names based on their achievements in that subject eg for science. Excellent = (Harry, James, Sally) Average = (Ben, Shelly, Tim) Poor = (Marley, Logan, Liz) Then I want to write a loop for each category that will produce generic output for each name in the lists but with the individual student names inserted. Eg. for names in excellent: print(name + "has produced excellent work in Science") I would then get output for each name which I would then copy and paste this into other documents to send home to parents. Hope this makes sense! I'm pretty new to this as you can likely tell!