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Opinions about Ruby on rails?

what's your opinion about Ruby on rails? do you use it for web development?

2/27/2017 11:27:17 AM

Alberto Campagna

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Ruby on Rails is a very popular web app development framework. I have not learned it till now


I had just following a big video tuto series about it, but I had not tested it in real, as I had made the choice to go more deeply with Python, but seems to be usefull, even I'm not almost convinced by Ruby, even it's probably mainly a question of taste and/or circunstances :P Anyway, it seems that Ruby on Rails framework was widely inspirating for last generation paradigm of web frameworks as Django for Python ( wich share some logical organisation of data and code, apparently )... but I don't really know about Java's web frameworks history, or logical organisation of JS backends ^^