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Some Issue : Upvote and Badge

I have just 9 likes for my only-one code but why I got the DEVELOPER badge now?

6/19/2020 3:04:17 AM

Aji ꦄꦗꦶ

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Gordon Thank for the respond + nice code Nope, I didn't have any interest with SoloLearn's badges, XPs, or others. I just joined here at 5 years ago for ... . You may see my profile or certificates' date. I didn't do much activities until March 2020 [except taking a course]. In 2020, many members attacked me in Challenge Mode, and I didn't feel well if I ignored them. So, I was drifting for a while. Also, I posted that code because of one of my friend's request, Vitya I had kept the code privately for a couple of months. However, I am very interesting with this network issues. If I have enough data, I want to make research about it. That's why I make this question. NB: ...


Simba haha there is no two king in one place Yes, that's possible. However, the badge was unlocked far after the Валентина 's upvote. It's very interesting, I think there is a bug in this site.....


Gordon thanks a lot🌹🌹🌹I will :)


Vikram Singh Gurjar yes, I think it's also possible. Some has ticked the "upvote" button twice unintentionally. And, the system has counted it as an upvote.


Hi Simba thank you for your answer. However, I got the badge around 45 minutes before this question posted. I was writing a comment at that time. If someone given me an upvote, then I should get a notification. But, I didn't get any notification. So, it's almost impossible that some member was banned after giving me an upvote at that short period.... Nb: By the way, thank you very much for your like at my code. You're the 10th. Perhaps, because you're Simba, the badge had came first before you arrived, is it your reign? ᕦ( ᐛ )ᕡ


Dev thanks a lot for your answer and sharing your experience.Wow, that's really interesting! That's possible as the site has very slow connectivity. Perhaps, it's because of the traffic issue... Note that I got my Comment Master lately ... a week after I sent an email to the SL for reporting a bug...


I think the tenth user has liked your code. And you got badge.But due to the network problem of that user, his like may not have been counted. 🤔 It has happened to me many times.


Aji ꦄꦗꦶ I think 10th person may be banned after giving an upvote to your code


Please don't mind me asking you a question: "Do you join SoloLearn for these badge thing?" Badge are virtual achievements, which tech apps use to hook user to stay at their app. While you have psycological satisfaction with gaining badge, you can't take these virtual achievements back to your real life. What can you bring back to your real life? Your programming skills. If your programming skills reaches market standard, you can get employed and earn $ with your programming skills. To develop your programming skills further, I suggest you proceed with the following : 1. Build a desktop To-do List application with a Graphical Interface. 2. Upgrade your To-do List app with a database, so that it can store the list items. 3. Convert your To-do List app into a RESTful API web app. 4. Implement Authentication feature to your web app. These can help you to be ready to solve real world problems.


Aji ꦄꦗꦶ ,my king bro,no. It's Yeva ma'am's reign lol😅 Well,I agree with your opinion. But you made your code public 2 days ago.So,that user may have been given an upvote within these two days.Also, he may has been banned after you got the badge. Hope you unlocked it after this user's (Валентина) upvote.


This might have happened: Tenth user liked your code. You got the badge. Tenth user took his like back. But badge once earned can't be taken back. It's what I think. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.


Aji ꦄꦗꦶ take care