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Reverse connection

Hay friends I need to create a online server from where I can transfer data through socket because of reserve ip . I know a website which provide us the feature to create a online server and that is digital ocean but it is paid. And I am very intrested to do various experiments with python socket modules. So I need website which provide same features as digital ocean but it should be free . If anyone have information about such website please share with me . 馃檹

6/18/2020 12:56:27 AM


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what type of server you are trying to make .... heroku supports sockets ... and also they have node,php,java,py ...etc for using it as server ... check out this article ...


i think heroku may have it .... also see for netlify ... i am not 100% sure .. but check em out

+2 check these out ...


try this it takes your Dynamic IP address and makes it act as though it is static by pointing a static hostname to it and checking every 5 minutes for changes to your IP address ...


Hay Prashanth Kumar I didn't find any .


But that doesn't have a feature to create online server bro. Prashanth Kumar .cheque out digital ocean or AWS (AMAZON web services) for what I actually need. . Actually they are paid and i want free alternative


See Prashanth Kumar I had created a file named and converted into exe . Ok . Now I have to send this file to to clint or target devise which is specially programmed to transfer data without the permission of owner . Its type of reverse cell hacking . For this I need a content ip because my send data to specific ip and because of my device have dynamic ip its connection will get over after a single data transmissions. So I need a content ip from where I can continually get and access clint computer data . I did this experiment over local computer using wifi. I achieved it . But the problem is with server. My server dosent have static ip. So how the will know where to send data. Got it . That is what I want to say