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Web app and phone notifications

As a learning exercise, i want to try setting up a phone app that would send and receives data or notifications to/from a cloud hosted server with some database that stores the events, preferably securely. Do you have any advice/pointers to some tutorial/open source to get me started?

6/12/2020 9:01:21 PM


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BroFar thanks, yes as I started looking around i found about firebase, but as i know very little i am asking for any alternative ideas and opinions. (At this point i would not know what solutions are possible, let alone their pros and cons) Then i will compare and hopefully build up some knowledge.


ifl are you familiar with firebase authentication and API... btw very good question. https://firebase.google.com/docs/cloud-messaging/ios/client


ifl here is a short list of competitors to firebase you might be interested in... https://blog.back4app.com/firebase-alternatives/


Thanks BroFar thats some reading for me to do ! :-)


i mentioned firebase because many here are using it pretty actively ifl