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Need a tool for programming

HI world! so I’m new to programming and I’m a kid but progamming seems so cool and i finally decided to enter this amazing world im gonna be learning java but ofcourse I’ll be learning HTML and CSS first but idk what tool to use can anyone help. oh and gl on learning how to program or code IDK wish u the best of luck!!!

6/11/2020 3:53:08 PM


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The minimal requirement is a text editor (for typing code) and a browser (to see the result). There are many free text editors available : - Sublime Text - VS code - Notepad++ Just do a google search and you'll get many of them. I'll suggest using either firefox or chrome browser as they have pretty nice dev tools. For quickly testing codes that you'll learn in this app you can use "try it yourself" button in code snippets or use playground section of this app.


Visual Studio Code is perfect from beginers up to profi.