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Levels and points

After reaching silver level if I lose points in challenges will I lose my level and fall back to bronze. I prefer to not decline challenges.

2/26/2017 12:43:33 PM


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I think you'll possibly fall back to bronze, but don't let that deter you as you get better with each test - the principle of learning. I've been programing and developing for years and I'm self taught in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and SQL, but it doesn't mean I'm top ace in all of them in terms of challenges on Sololearn. I've stressed this because a lot of challenges are user defined and many are complex problems, with little time on the counter to get right - sometimes confusing, but I'm 100% confident that if there was a little more time on the clock the majority won't get passed me, but many could say that to - it's to avoid people Googling for help, so it makes sense.


No, you will not fall back to bronze. Your XP only will be reduced. :D


You are right. The time limit is tricky. It serves the purpose well. I love challenges here.