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What is error 404??

2/26/2017 12:05:06 PM

Baba Yunus Abdul Yekin

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Page not found on the server; it's an HTTP status code and can also be sent back by the programmer via headers with a server side language or a .htaccess file.


So does it mean error 404 is an exception??


I wouldn't necessarily call it an exception, but it's similar to one. In other words, the following resource requested cannot be found, so try something else.




Keep in mind that's an HTTP error, not an HTML one, even it's a html page wich display the information to the user ^^ If you consider it as an exception ( it's not a non-sense ), it's an HTTP exception, handled by server... not by the user browser ;)


The http 404 Not Found Error means that the webpage you were trying to reach could not be found on the server..... It is a client-side Error which means that either the page has been removed or moved and the URL was not changed accordingly, or that you typed in the URL incorrectly........


its when someone typed wrong website url, AKA site not found