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Storage and website hosting

Storage Website Hello everyone, I want to make an e-commerce from scratch. I asked someone who gave advice on a website If it was possible to have unlimited storage using a web hoster, and he told me that it was a “MARKETING LIE”. Is it true ? Then how can I make a website with enough storage so that I can put a lot of content inside ? Thanks a lot

6th Jun 2020, 1:53 PM
Jay Yan
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If you want a unique website, you should to code it by yourself, it needs to learn HTML , CSS , Javascript , PHP , SQL. HTML - makes structure of website. CSS - makes graphics in website. Javascript - makes "brain" of website all functions , scripts , etc. PHP & SQL - are additional code languages, that makes your codes and scripts better. I hope , that my advices would help you to make an unique, awesome website )
7th Jun 2020, 8:18 AM
Бондаренко Алексей Максимович
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