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AJAX misleading title?

apart from asynchronous data fetching from server what is ajax? why a http in angular which uses json is also called a ajax? there is no xml too but still many refer them to ajax? is ajax a concept of asynchronous call alone ?

6/3/2020 10:27:56 AM

Prajeesh PRP

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i know right..even though most people use json nowadays,we still refer it as ajax probably because it doesnt really change the way we send data(it just data with different structure), and ajax is easy to pronounce than ajaj(j for json)..


Lily Mea yeah I think you got me! Thats what bothered me these days how come people call it ajax. Thank you for you answer.


AMOGHA. A. K. Thank you for your answer. So does a http request which uses json to transfer data and not xml comes under ajax technique? AJAX- asynchronous Javascript and xml where we now use json, jquery syntax having the keyword ajax are making me unclear. Sorry to bother again I am trying hard to understand it