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Please my image displayed crack icon

I need help on how to insert image and define the correct location, something is been said about the html file folder please this is not clear to me

6/2/2020 3:34:54 PM

Emorioloye Ayodeji patrick

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Well if they are two types of path Absolute and relative Relative:- If the image is in same folder as of HTML file you can simply write only its name. src="image.png" If its inside a folder which is in same place of HTML file you may write like this. src="images\image.png" If the file is above one folder you may write like this. src="..\images.png" Absolute:- In absolute path you write it's location in your computer. src="C:\Projects\Files\Images\image.png" Hope it helps you!


Thanks so much my question has just been answered but using sololearn playground how do I copy the image to the same folder as the html file